August 25, 2005

New webspace!

Well, after considering it for several years, I've finally taken the plunge and bought some webspace. This year especially, I've had photos galore to share, and limited places where I could freely put them. Compounded on that, each photo would have it's own ad tagged on, and I would have to try to keep track of photos here, there, and everywhere. This way, I'll have everything in one, easy to remember place, and there will be no more ads!

I will continue with this journal (provided I find the motivation), but for text rather than pictures. That's not entirely true, I suppose, as any single pictures I take which do not fit into a full gallery will be posted here, but as most of my photos were taken alongside several other related photos, I will make galleries for each of them.

That said, you can still wipe this page off your bookmarks list - I've provided a link on my new site which will open the blog in a large frame, so you can still have the links to other parts of my site while you read this.

Anyways, the address is nice and simple -


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