January 31, 2007

An update.

Well, I suppose it's time I update this site. I'd originally meant it to be a log of my journeys in Australia in 2005, but a number of people still look at it.

About six months ago - July 11, actually - I started a new job that I actually enjoy! I'm now working for TSi Auto Solutions (http://www.tsiautosolutions.com) right here in Saint John. I get to put both my interests and my training to use as I work with the software we provide for automotive manufacturers. The office has a great atmosphere, the people are wonderful to work with, and the company is experiencing high levels of growth. It's not the absolute ideal job, compared with, say, touring the world looking for lost classics and rarities, but back in reality it's an excellent place to be and I could hardly ask for more.

I still have the '91 Jetta I bought early in 2006, but I'm now very actively looking to move on to something better. Also, I'm saving up for some land on which to build a house, and my social life is almost to the point of being oppressively active.

Life is going well. :)


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