February 22, 2005


Today I got together with Glenn in CBD, and we decided to go check out some car dealerships. First one we came across was the Maserati dealer, so we dropped in.

Maserati Dealer Posted by Hello

As expected, there were the new Coupes, Spiders, and Quattroportes...

Maserati CoupĂ© Posted by Hello

Maserati Quattroporte Posted by Hello

...as well as the older 3200GT's which were never sold in Canada.

Maserati 3200GT Posted by Hello

They also had an old Maserati motorbike - I never knew until today that they had even made motorbikes.

Maserati motorbike Posted by Hello

The real shocker, though, was an older Shamal sitting in the back. The Shamal was an extremely limited production car with a twin-turbo V8, simple 5-speed gearbox, and rear-wheel drive.

Maserati Shamal Posted by Hello

Maserati Shamal Posted by Hello

Continuing on, we saw a Ford dealer, but since the Fords here are mostly different from Canadian Fords, we went in an had a look around. They had a Falcon GT there - the Aussies are so lucky that they get the big Falcon instead of the bland Taurus we get in Canada.

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As, over the past few years, I've had an unexplained passion for Rovers and MGs, so I was ecstatic upon finding an MGRover dealer. I took a couple pictures of the ZR160 they had outside, after which the salesman asked if it was the first one I had seen. I wasn't sure why he asked me that - as if he knew that I was from Canada - but it turns out the ZR160 doesn't even officially come out in Australia until next week. After I chatted with the guy for a while though, he let me roam around the dealer and sit in whatever I wanted to.

MG ZR160 Posted by Hello

I've fallen in love with the MG TF.

MG TF120 Posted by Hello

MG TF120 Posted by Hello

They also had this old MG TC there...

MG TC Posted by Hello

...which was equipped with an aftermarket vintage Boyle MotoMeter, which is an early coolant temperature gauge from before they incorporated them into dashboards.

Boyce MotoMeter Posted by Hello

MGs and Rovers Posted by Hello

Afterwards, we went to the Alfa Romeo dealer. The young salesman seemed thrilled to chat with me about Alfas, and showed me all around. I was happy to see they had a 147 GTA there - the world's fastest hatchback. Just think, this 3.2L V6 with 250hp in a hatchback about the size of a Ford Focus!

Alfa Romeo 3.2L V6 Posted by Hello

Alfa Romeo 147GTA Posted by Hello

Finally, we went to the Lamborghini dealer, where the salesman was very pleasant and joking. He was great!

Lamborghini Murcielago and Porsche 911GT2 Posted by Hello

February 20, 2005

My place

Despite moving into my new flat on Wednesday (16.02.05), I didn't get around to taking pictures of it until now.

House Posted by Hello

Entrance Posted by Hello

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Kitchen Posted by Hello

My room is complete with a queen sized bed, two wardrobes, an ensuite bathroom, and balcony access.

My Room Posted by Hello

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On Friday (18.02.05), we had our first of three days of international student orientation, beginning with an extremely boring presentation regarding issues such as beach safety and campus involvement. Mike and Lindsay, however, just couldn't contain their excitement!

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Throughout the presentations, we saw several performers, mainly Australian aboriginese, doing their thing.

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My friend Brandon decided to spice things up by volunteering to perform an aboriginal dance on stage. As you can see, he represented Canada horifically, somehow managing to consistently do the wrong move at the wrong time, evoking hearty laughter from us and the rest of the international students alike!

Brandon Posted by Hello

Brandon Posted by Hello

A few more miscellaneous shots...

Pioneer Posted by Hello

Harbour Bridge Posted by Hello

Sydney Posted by Hello

Prison Posted by Hello