July 26, 2007

Another update!

That's right, I actually found my own website once again.

I was recently in P.E.I. to take in the big annual British car show, and there's now about 450 new photos in the gallery to prove it! It was an excellent show, and I got the chance to check out many of Atlantic Canada's excellent classic British cars up close. What a great weekend it was!

Anyways, life is still going very well. I'm still working at TSi (over a year now), and am still enjoying it. I finally sold the old Jetta and bought myself a '97 Camry which will hopefully be a boring, reliable companion for my future toys. I learned the hard way with my old Alfa Romeo that it's not much fun having a weird, obscure car as a daily driver!

Speaking of the Alfa, I was out cruising around town last weekend and spotted it sitting in a house's garage! I stopped in and introduced myself (my father had sold the car while I was in Australia, so I had not met the buyer) and got a chance to see the old girl again. It hasn't been back on the road since he bought it, but he's been busy working on it over the past couple years. All the required body work has been completed, the windshield has been replaced, and the water pump and timing belt were changed as well. Hopefully it will be back out on the streets sooner rather than later!