April 01, 2005


Well, as mentioned in the previous post, Sunday was VW day! My Beetle owning friend Mike and I decided to attend with a British chap named either Greg or Craig, who also has a Beetle. Fortunately for us, his is in this country.

Volkswagen Beetle Posted by Hello

Volkswagen Beetle Posted by Hello

However, as I took an absolute load of photos, I've put them on their own page, which you can access here:


We had a great time, and I got to see at least one type of VW I'd not seen before. Added to that, the people, who are extremely diverse in the VW scene, were all great and loved to chat about the cars. Finally, I got an added bonus when I stumbled across a load of 1983-1985 Australian car mags that one of the vendors was selling for $0.10 a mag! I somehow managed to restrict myself to merely handing over a single dollar and walked away with a stack of Aussie car mags as old as me.

On Monday night, as was also mentioned previously, I attended a Citroën Car Club of NSW club meeting. The meeting took place in the "Veteran Car Club Hall" in Five Dock, only about 2km from the nearest train station. I was a bit surprised to see the Bentley dealer across the street (as I'd been wondering where the heck they'd hid it), but was much more excited to see a carpark full of classic Citroëns! I don't recall ever seeing a Citroën of any model in Canada, so they were all new to me. Having expected, however, that the meet would be similar to the Alfa Romeo Club of Canada meets in that people just come and go and hang out around the cars, I was a bit hesitant to walk into the building as it seemed to be a very formal meeting, with minutes and the like. People immediately started handing around pictures of the upcoming Citroëns and such, so they seemed used to visitors. Near the end of the formal meeting, the speaker asked Mike and I to introduce ourselves, which drew lots of welcoming smiles and hands to shake.

It turned out, however, that we'd picked the wrong month to go! There was a huge Citroën rally and show in Perth over the weekend, so the majority of the club members were there. Nevertheless, I got to meet and chat with several great people, and got an intimate look at nearly each major classic Citroën model. As people started to depart, they wished us a good night, and stressed that we should continue to come to the meetings, where they promised there will be more cars to see and people to meet.

Faced with a 2km walk back to the train station at 10:30PM, we very gratefully accepted a drive to the station in a member's Citroën BX. I didn't catch his name, but thanks!

I'm sorry to report, though, that I didn't take any photos that night - I'll have to figure out how best to do it in the dark before the next meeting.