December 13, 2005

Alfa gone, Rover gone, what next?

Well, the Rover has been handed back. I'm currently in Adelaide, travelling around Australia with my parents, so my use of "Marie" is no longer an option. As much as I still love those cars, and even that one, I must say I had gotten a bit sick of using it as an everyday driver. No power steering, no decent stereo, marginal cooling, etc., etc. I've been driving the rental Ford Falcon the past few days and, though it took a bit of getting used to, I'm overjoyed to discover "easy driving" again.

Though I knew the Rover was going, I had no idea the Alfa was already gone! I'd had it up for sale since before I left for Australia, and it was for sale all while I was here, though with little success. However, in August, a young man looking for an interesting project came and checked it out. He later came back with his father, who has a garage he could use, and ended up buying it. He expects it will take him a while to get it back onto the road, but has promised to give us a call when he does. The only unusual bit in this story, however, is that my parents forgot to let me know! For the past few months I had been questioning what to do with the car - fix it up a bit, get rid of it, restore it, etc. Now that question has thankfully been answered, and a new, more exciting question has arisen: What car do I get next?

This next car will need to be something inexpensive and easily put on the road, however, that doesn't mean it needs to be something I don't like! I've often fancied getting a Mk2 Volkswagen Jetta 2-door, and I've always liked the 3-door hatch version of the 3rd generation Honda Accord. Then again, some even more interesting stuff is at rock-bottom prices. How about $2400 for a 1993 Taurus SHO Manual? We'll see.....