April 15, 2005

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April 13, 2005

Alfa Romeo club meet

Last night, whilst trolling around on the interweb, I logged onto the Alfa Romeo owner's club of NSW website, and noticed that there was a club meet scheduled to take place in a few hours! I immediately grabbed my keys and wallet and shot out the door. Since I knew the Five Dock area a bit better this time (as that is where the previous Citroën club meet was), I was able to get to the Alfa meet on time (just!). I went in and introduced myself to the people on "stage" before they got started, and they sat me down at one of the tables. The meeting began, and, as expected, they got me to stand up and introduce myself. As with the Citroën club, everyone present was very welcoming and seemed genuinely pleased to see me. After some club business was conducted, the night's main event got started - it was trivia night! Each table formed a team, and we had a sheet on which to write our answers. My young age and North American background came in handy for a couple of the questions, where I was the only one at the table who knew them. Overall, we ended up getting 15/30 correct - just barely passed, but no win. Either way, it was heaps of fun.

Did you know that the Michelin Man actually has a first name? Bibendum...

I ended up chatting with one lady who actually works for the university I attend (though at a different campus), and we ended up talking about Motorkhanas (the Australian name for Autocross), where I learned yet another cultural difference - pylons are called "witches hats." Crazy Aussies..... ;)

At the table, I was sitting beside a man from Ireland who has been in the country since 1979 (I believe). It turns out that he has a car virtually identical to mine (though black in colour), and lives fairly close to me. Thus, he kindly offered to drive me home. His car also does not have a horrendously loud exhaust, so it was nice to ride in a quiet one! Anyways, he gave me his number and said he'd be in touch regarding any future Alfa events.

So, that was my night. :)

PS: The moustaches are just a joke ;) Mike has since shaved his but I think I'll hold off a few more days with mine :D

April 11, 2005

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April 10, 2005

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Darling Harbour

It was too gorgeous out this afternoon to just sit around the house, so Mike and I hopped onto the train and went downtown. We mainly walked around Darling Harbour, where, predictably, most of the attractions have something to do with water. There is the huge National Maritime Museum there, but we didn't go in today - we'll do that later. Instead, we just wandered around the harbour and saw the sights. We were particularly impressed with some of the private boats docked in one particular marina - boats from all over the world, including North America. These were no dinky boats though - one particular yacht was several times larger than most houses!

Anyways, we didn't do much, but I did take some pictures - see below :)

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