April 23, 2005

The Harbour Bridge Posted by Hello

Hey George look, this fake rock is full of twigs! Posted by Hello

Flower Monster Posted by Hello

BLARG! Posted by Hello

I've got a nice view Posted by Hello

I'm a dragon, leave me alone or I'll scorch you. Posted by Hello

I'm blue and yellow. Look at me. Posted by Hello

I'm red and blue. Look at me. Posted by Hello

Dingo Posted by Hello

Fish? Not fish. Fish? Not fish. Fish? AH FISH! Posted by Hello

I'll just eat this tree now Posted by Hello

Stop looking at me Posted by Hello

Chickens here are very fluffy Posted by Hello

Huh? Oh. Huh? Oh. Huh? Posted by Hello

I'm all alone in the corner looking at the others up in the tree Posted by Hello

Hey guys, look over there! Posted by Hello

Nice colour Posted by Hello

Hooray for sleep Posted by Hello

Tigers Posted by Hello

Chillin' Meerkat Posted by Hello

Red Panda Posted by Hello

The free-flight bird show stage Posted by Hello

I think I'll move a few feet then rest for a while Posted by Hello

The Taronga Zoo Posted by Hello

Old school boat Posted by Hello