July 26, 2007

Another update!

That's right, I actually found my own website once again.

I was recently in P.E.I. to take in the big annual British car show, and there's now about 450 new photos in the gallery to prove it! It was an excellent show, and I got the chance to check out many of Atlantic Canada's excellent classic British cars up close. What a great weekend it was!

Anyways, life is still going very well. I'm still working at TSi (over a year now), and am still enjoying it. I finally sold the old Jetta and bought myself a '97 Camry which will hopefully be a boring, reliable companion for my future toys. I learned the hard way with my old Alfa Romeo that it's not much fun having a weird, obscure car as a daily driver!

Speaking of the Alfa, I was out cruising around town last weekend and spotted it sitting in a house's garage! I stopped in and introduced myself (my father had sold the car while I was in Australia, so I had not met the buyer) and got a chance to see the old girl again. It hasn't been back on the road since he bought it, but he's been busy working on it over the past couple years. All the required body work has been completed, the windshield has been replaced, and the water pump and timing belt were changed as well. Hopefully it will be back out on the streets sooner rather than later!

January 31, 2007

An update.

Well, I suppose it's time I update this site. I'd originally meant it to be a log of my journeys in Australia in 2005, but a number of people still look at it.

About six months ago - July 11, actually - I started a new job that I actually enjoy! I'm now working for TSi Auto Solutions (http://www.tsiautosolutions.com) right here in Saint John. I get to put both my interests and my training to use as I work with the software we provide for automotive manufacturers. The office has a great atmosphere, the people are wonderful to work with, and the company is experiencing high levels of growth. It's not the absolute ideal job, compared with, say, touring the world looking for lost classics and rarities, but back in reality it's an excellent place to be and I could hardly ask for more.

I still have the '91 Jetta I bought early in 2006, but I'm now very actively looking to move on to something better. Also, I'm saving up for some land on which to build a house, and my social life is almost to the point of being oppressively active.

Life is going well. :)

March 01, 2006

The complexities of life

So what do I do?

So far, four years of my life and a sum of money I'd rather not contemplate have been wasted to let me know I hate marketing and anything to do with it. I had to do something, I guess.

Now I'm too worn out to even consider more schooling for a while, at least, so I've got to do something. My current job, working for the best non-family boss I've ever had, allows me to have fun, but independent life is out of the question lest currency suddenly deflates whilst salaries don't. Do I continue looking at car dealers, knowing I'll dread waking up every morning I have to fill any of the positions (outside of ownership) there? Do I pursue automotive journalism, forcing an occasional, casual hobby into a low-paying struggle for words I'd rather not evoke? Do I move to my most despised place on Earth to get a decent job with a decent company?

Does everyone have this problem?

I know the question - what do I enjoy? I enjoy the celebration of the car, the collecting of the car, the study of the car, even the very existence of the car. Will anyone pay me for that? I enjoy putting on headphones and losing myself in a simple complex collection of notes. Will anyone pay me for that? I enjoy turning on an outstanding movie, having my emotions tugged at by the story, my senses awed by the production. Will anyone pay me for that? I enjoy an honest, in-depth discussion with a person of like and (yet?) competent mind. I don't even need to ask if anyone will pay me for that - it just leads to a razor cut through renumeration.

I long for the redundancy of money.